New Life Center for Mothers and Children is a non-profit, non-denominational organization dedicated to helping women from all backgrounds and their children. We are a transitional phase of New Life for Girls Ministry, and we exist to lead women with any life controlling issue into a new life of salvation, morality, and temperance through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It is our mission to “positively impact a child’s life by developing women into mothers who are godly examples of character. Women who maintain themselves and their families spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially.”

It is our goal to:

  • Provide Christian mentoring and discipling to each family.
  • Assist each family in maintaining themselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and socially.
  • Teach budgeting and how to be a good steward of their finances.
  • Assist in pursuing further education if needed, including obtaining a G.E.D.
  • Provide parenting and nutritional classes to each family.
  • Assist each mother in purchasing their own vehicle, and provide transportation as needed until a vehicle is purchased.
  • Assist each family with obtaining housing and childcare.
  • Assist with creating resumes and employment opportunities.